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Classy Kitchen 101

Next step on the road to organization…the kitchen. Ever tried to organize your kitchen and just didn’t know where to begin or what to do? Here are some great solutions in 8 simple tips. These ideas will turn your kitchen from cluttered to classy!

• Hide and seek- Jars that pop out are so 2012, but glass jars for your cookies, sugar, and sweets are the new thing. These simple, yet beautiful jars don’t take the attention away from your new stone counters, but you know that they’re there.

• Place it- Placing items according to how and where they will be used will be less of a clutter, and more of a useful guide.

• Double Duty- Large mixing bowls, and bread baskets can be used as storage whenever you’re not using them. That way, they won’t be taking up any space, they’ll be helping you out!

• Be soft- Kitchens need to be a soothing area where you are able to cook and eat in peace. Light, pastel colors like a soft yellow or pink or the way to go.

• Glass appear- Instead of using cabinets with a wooden door that hide what you need from your eyes, use glass doors on cabinets. They give an elegant look, and they’ll make your life much easier!

• Hang it up- If you have a kitchen island, the best place to put your pots and pans, is right up above that little island. They won’t create a clutter, be hidden in a cabinet, and they’re classy.

• Box Shelf- Have trouble reaching those high cabinets? Well, wall-mounted shelves that are rectangular are the perfect solution. You place them according to your height, and they hold items too large to fit anywhere else.

• Stain away- If you’re having trouble keeping your marble counters clean, just take dishwashing detergent, and scrub at the end of each kitchen day, and then wipe with a dry towel. No more stains and no more hassle!

It’s hard keeping a home decorative and beautiful, but these tips will not only brighten up your kitchen, but your life. House Beautiful has provided us with these techniques, and now we are passing them on to you. Good luck with your inner stylist coming to life, and have a wonderful new year.

Source: House Beautiful

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