Choosing Your Self Storage Unit in the Best Location

If you’re planning to use self storage, you may already have an idea of what size self storage unit you will need. But when it comes to the best location of the storage unit on the property, you may have no any idea which one makes sense. There are several factors you need to consider on how to choose a storage unit that’s best for your storage needs, and that takes just a little planning.

There are many options to choose from, especially at a large property like the ones at Moove In Self Storage. You should think about the following questions before making your decision:

  • Do you want an interior unit close to the door?
  • Do you have large furniture that may not be able to go down hallways easily?
  • Do you have electronics or personal belongs that may need to be temperature regulated?
  • Would you prefer a storage unit that you can just drive up to and start unloading?
  • How often do you do you plan to access the storage unit?

You need to figure out exactly what you are storing first so that you can decide what location on the property will be best for you.

If you are unsure even after answering the questions above, our knowledgeable property managers can help you! First thing you need to do is make a list of what you are planning to place into storage. Then you can visit the rental office during regular business hours to take a tour of the property and see the actual storage units that are available. Based on how much you need to store, what you are going to store, how long you need to keep it in storage, and even how often you need to access your storage unit; the property manager can provide you with the best storage options to fit your needs. Then you can simply pick from those options!

Not only is the location of your storage unit on the property an important decision, but so is which storage property to choose. You should pick one that is either closest to your home or closest to your office. You want to pick a location that around 15-20 minutes from your “home base” so that you can easily access your storage unit without having to drive too far. If you are using storage for personal use and will access it mostly in the evening and on the weekends, your house should be considered your home base. If you are using storage for business and will access it during the day while you are at work, then your office is your home base. And if you are planning to use it for either personal or business and will access it on your way to or from work, then you have some wiggle room on which home base you want to choose.

Pro Storage Tips:

  • Drive up storage units are best for large furniture and appliances, outdoor items like bikes and kayaks, business inventory and anything that you need to access quickly and frequently. They are also best for short term storage like when you are staging your home to sell and will be moving into a new home within a few months, or to store that dream corvette.
  • Interior access storage units are best for seasonal items like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, small furniture and other items you don’t need regularly. They are also great for things you will need to take time with when visiting your storage unit, like crafting or art supplies and other things you need to “dig” through to find what you need. You can stay out of the weather while taking your time.
  • Temperature control storage units are best for sensitive items that can be damaged from excessive heat or cold, such as antique furniture, electronics, instruments, photos, paintings, books and other valuable personal items. These are also recommended for long-term storage to prevent the extreme temperature swings that will occur as the seasons change throughout the year.

Once you have decided which storage property to use and what location on the property best suits your needs, you are ready to get storing! You can rent online 24/7 through our website, call the property manager to make a reservation or visit the rental office to secure your storage unit.