Can You Live In a Storage Unit?

If you’ve ever asked yourself “can you live in a storage unit?” You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore all the reasons you should never try to inhabit your unit. Is it illegal to live in a storage unit? The short answer is yes. It’s illegal to live in a storage unit for several reasons – most of them are because inhabiting a storage unit threatens your health and safety.

Why Is It Illegal to Live in a Storage Unit?

So we know that, yes, it’s illegal to live in a storage unit. Many people, though, still wonder why it’s illegal to live in a storage unit. They wonder why it’s such a big deal. Below are several compelling answers to that question, all of which show how big a deal it truly can be.

There Is No Running Water

All buildings must have running water to be liveable. The reason why is simple; without running water, it’s impossible to maintain sanitary living conditions. You can’t, for example, wash your face, take a shower or clean up a spill. You can’t wash dirty dishes or clothing, either, which will create quite a mess in very little time. That, unfortunately, could lead to a rodent or insect infestation.

There Is No Natural Light

With no windows to speak of, storage units provide zero natural light. That’s a big problem, as humans need sunlight to stay healthy and happy. You could argue that the door lets in natural light, but you certainly can’t keep it open 24/7. Indeed, since it’s illegal, you would have to keep the door shut 24/7. So, again, without natural light, living in a storage unit isn’t possible.

It’s Dangerous

Here’s the thing; most storage units don’t have an electrical outlet. That means a person living inside would need to jury-rig an electrical source for heat and cooking. That in itself is dangerous, but so are both the heat and the electrical cooking surface. Many fires have started, and people injured, for this very reason. Also, some heaters put off toxic (i.e., deadly) fumes. That’s dangerous because storage units don’t have proper ventilation. Indeed, most have no ventilation whatsoever.

It’s Uncomfortable

No electricity, natural light, or running water. No matter who you are, the lack of these three necessities makes living in a storage unit extremely uncomfortable. Plus, the floors are concrete, which is cold and hard, and there’s no insulation. In winter, depending on where the storage unit is located, you could freeze to death.

Can You Live In a Storage Unit?

The Doors of a Storage Unit Lock From the Outside

Not being able to lock a storage unit from the inside creates a huge safety problem. Anyone could barge in, and, well, we won’t describe what could happen. Suffice to say; it might not be pleasant. Even worse, if something did happen, the police would have difficulty entering the storage facility. Sadly, that delay could cost someone their life.

Property Managers Can Tell If You’re Living In Your Unit

Yes, some folks do take the chance and start living in their storage units, even though it’s very illegal. The fact is, however, all of those folks will get caught eventually. Now, the thing is, most of them are good people. They might be down on their luck or have experienced difficult times. That, however, doesn’t make it a good idea. And, when the hammer does come down, they might find themselves in a jail cell. That would be very unfortunate indeed. At the very least, they would be evicted and out on the street. Either way, the end result is a very unpleasant day for all involved. At the end of the day, we never want our tenants to threaten their health or safety, especially in a storage facility.

In Closing; Don’t Live In Your Storage Unit

We hope we answered your questions about living in a storage unit. If you have any other self storage-related inquires, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have to help you find a storage experience that’s right for you. Until then, check out our other storage articles on the blog:

This post was originally published on 2/17/2007. It was updated on 9/8/2021.

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