Why You Should Be Part of Our Business Referral Program

Business Referrals
Looking for new customers? Looking to drum up some new business? Our Business to Business Referral Program (B2B) may be just what you need. There are many benefits to partnering with us, but the bottom line is, it’s FREE! Plus, we do all the hard work for you and you can earn referral bonuses! That means cold hard cash for you, for essentially doing nothing. What’s better than that?

Partnering with us is easy, and can be accomplished following a few simple steps:

  • You simply need to be small business that serves our local community. You can have one or multiple locations, as long as you have a presence in our area. We sometimes work with larger companies as well because their employees are members of our community. However, we strongly believe in buying local and supporting locally owned business, so that is the base of our partnerships.
  • If we haven’t reached out to you yet, you can give any of our property managers a call and tell him or her that you’re interested in becoming our business or non-profit partner. Our management team and marketing department will ensure that we can forge a successful partnership with your business, and that your business is in good standing in our community.
  • Once we have determined that a partnership would create value for both of us, our property manager will ask you for a few items and some information so we can get started:
    • Your business name
    • Your logo in a hi-res file (if you don’t have a logo, we can simply typeset your business name)
    • Your business address, phone number and website address (or company facebook page URL)
    • A few bullets and/or a short paragraph stating what your company offers
    • An offer you want to promote
    • A stack of your business cards

The rest of the work is on us!

Let’s review all the benefits you receive for becoming our business partner.

B'more Fit Studio FlyerFull Color Flyer Design

The first step is creating a coupon flyer for you that we can display and hand out to our customers. From the information you provide, our marketing department will professionally design a half page (8.5” x 5.5”) flyer in full color to promote your business. This flyer will include a coupon at the bottom with a tracking code so you can see how many are redeemed from our customers, information about your business and services, and a full color photo (you can supply one or we can use stock photography). Our property manager will show you a proof to ensure your information is correct before we start promoting your business.

The next step is that we provide you with our half page full color coupon flyer so that you can display and hand out to your customers. Our coupon also has a unique tracking code for your business so that we can see how many are redeemed from your customers. That tracking code tells us how many referral bonuses to pay you each month! Every time we are handed a coupon with your unique tracking code and that customer signs a rental agreement, you earn $25.00. And, there is no limit to how much you can earn!

Promoting Your Business

In addition to the full color flyer, we gladly promote your business in several additional ways at no cost to you.


We showcase a community board in our rental offices with individual slots for our partners’ business cards. We will display your half page coupon flyer on the community board in the “Featured Business” section. This is an exclusive display area for our partners, and only your flyer will be in that slot when it’s your turn to be featured. We feature each partner for a minimum of two weeks at a time. We will rotate your flyer back into that featured spot after we have cycled through all our other business partners. Typically your business will be featured at least twice per year.


We also provide a Welcome Kit to our new tenants, and your flyer will be in every one of them! And, if a new or existing tenant asks our property manager for a local referral, we will be sure to mention your business and show or give them your flyer.

Business Partner PageWEBSITE PROMOTION.

We promote your business on our website. We have a Business Partnerships page where we showcase all our business and non-profit partners. Your logo, boldly displayed, will link to your website or social media page and your contact information will be listed. If you do not have a website or social media page, we can list your email address.

We also will feature your business in a blog at least once. Our property manager will research your business and possibly contact you to conduct a brief interview, then write a blog that tells everyone all the great things about your business. Also, if you’d like, you are welcome to submit a guest blog in lieu of the one we would write, to keep us posted on what’s new and exciting in your business!


We send a monthly eNewsletter to our email database which is comprised of current and previous tenants and our business partners. All business partners are featured on a rotating basis, guaranteeing the spotlight location at least once every 18-24 months. Our email database grows every month and the number of people who actually open it and read it is above industry standards.


Who isn’t on at least one of the social media sites out there? We’re on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and we’re happy to like your pages and share your posts! We can even share your posts or post on your behalf as requested to promote community events or specials you may be running.


Our locations participate in several community events and charitable drives throughout the year. If you’d like to get involved and help out the community with a donation or sponsorship, we would be happy to list you on all promotional materials related to that event. Any emails, handouts or social media posts will include your business name or logo and recognize you as a sponsor.

And did we mention, we’ll pay you for all this? For every customer you refer who signs a rental agreement, you’ll receive $25.00! There’s no limit to how many referrals you can send us or how much money you can earn. And the catch? All we ask is for you to recommend us to your customers and offer them our marketing materials; a flyer, a business card, a pen. That’s it. Really. Contact us today or give your property manager a call and say you are ready to partner with us!

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