Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit Online

When you choose Moove In Self Storage to store your belongings, we offer you two convenient ways to rent a storage unit. The first way is to rent the unit in person by visiting the rental office of your chosen location during regular business hours. The second way is to rent a storage unit online any time of the day or night. Let’s review the benefits of renting your storage unit online.

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Rent a Storage Unit Online for More Convenience

The most obvious benefit of renting a storage unit online is convenience. You can rent a unit online 24/7/365 – even if the rental office is closed like after hours and on holidays. There is no need to worry about getting to the rental office by 5:30pm, as you rush out the door from work. Simply take your time and visit our website when it is convenient for you.

When you rent a unit online, you will receive a confirmation email with important details. First of all it serves as your receipt for the rental. The email will provide you with the rental agreement for your records. You will also receive a temporary gate access code so you can enter the property and access your storage unit. Keep in mind that our gate access hours are 6am through 10pm every day of the year. Be sure to follow up with the property manager to set up your permanent access code within a few days. The temporary access code does expire, and you want to ensure you have access to the property when you need it.

This email also includes a link to a map of the property. You can then print or download and save your map PDF so that you can easily find your storage unit even if the property manager is not on site. Just look for your unit number on the confirmation email and match it up with the unit on the map.

Moove In Benefits:

Another benefit is that you will receive a free disc lock for your storage unit. That is one of the perks you get for renting online that you do not get when renting in the office. When you get to your storage unit, there will be a yellow tag on the hasp. You just simply twist the yellow tag off and open the door. Inside of your storage unit will be a welcome kit, part of which is the free disc lock. A disc lock is the preferred type of lock by our company as well as the national Self Storage Association. They have been designed specifically for the storage industry.

Also, when renting a storage unit online, you have the option to select a free month. During the checkout process, you can select the free month or no discount. By simply selecting the “Free Month” option, your second month of rent will be completely free.

There are pros for both ways of renting your storage unit, but renting a unit online is definitely the most convenient option. On top of that, you can get yourself a free lock and also a free month of rent!

If you are ready to rent your a storage unit online, and take advantage of all these benefits, you can rent online now and get started. If you have any questions, you can contact us or reach out to any of our property managers for more information.