Benefits of Renting a Unit Online

At Moove In Self Storage, we offer you two ways of renting a storage unit. The first way is to rent the unit in person at any of our locations. The second way is to rent the unit online at our website.  Let’s review the benefits of the renting online.

The most obvious benefit of renting a unit online is convenience. You can rent any time of day, any day of the year including holidays, whenever it is convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about making it to the rental office during regular office hours or meeting with the property manager. You can literally rent your storage unit at 2am on Christmas morning if you want.

When you rent a storage unit online, you will receive a temporary gate access code to enter the property during the gate access hours of 6am-10pm. You can visit your storage unit during those hours and move right in! It is important, however, to follow up with the property manager to set up your permanent gate access code. The temporary codes expire, so we ask that you contact the property manager to secure your permanent code within 48 hours.

Another benefit to renting online is that you will receive a free disc lock. When you visit your storage unit, there will be a yellow tag on the hasp. You just simply twist the yellow tag off and open the door. Inside of your unit will be a welcome kit, part of which is a free disc lock. That way you can secure your storage unit immediately to keep your belongings safe.

The last benefit of renting a unit online is that you can receive a free month! Because your rent is pro-rated for the first month based on the day you move in, the free month is actually the second month, giving you the biggest discount possible. There are pros and cons for renting in person and renting online. However, renting a unit online is certainly the most convenient option. Plus, you can get yourself a free lock and a free month of rent! If you’re ready to secure your storage unit now, you can rent online and get started.

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