Moving Tips

Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit in Person

We offer you both the options of renting a self storage unit in person and renting a unit online. While they both have their pros, let’s review the benefits of renting a unit in person at any of our locations.

The biggest benefit to renting a storage unit in person is getting to know your property manager. Our property managers are on site at least five days a week to help you. We enjoy meeting our tenants and look forward to serving your needs while you stay with us. This also gives you the option to ask any questions you may have that come up while you are on the property. Whether it be about storage materials, unit sizing, pricing or general storage questions, we love helping you out! Our property managers are trained and very knowledgeable about the storage industry and can help find a solution for any storage need.

Another benefit is getting to know the property where you are storing. We can show you exactly where the unit you are renting is located on site. Many of our properties are quite large with many buildings, so it’s nice to be shown exactly where you will be going when accessing your storage unit in the future. We can also show you several storage units in person before you decide on one. The benefit of this step is making sure you are getting the correct size and type for your needs. You never want to short yourself on unit size, but you also don’t want to pay for more than what you need either. By seeing the storage units in person, you can better visualize how your belongings will fit inside. If you cannot make it to the property, you can also view a video tour for most of our locations as well.

When you come in the rental office to set up your self storage rental, you can also browse our selection of storage supplies for sale. We offer everything from bubble wrap, dish and glass packing sets and furniture covers to other items like packing tape and disc locks. We also offer a large variety of specially treated heavy duty boxes in various sizes and styles. Our boxes are designed specifically for the storage industry and will stand up to the test of time. We can help you get set up with anything you may need for the big move and your packing and storing needs.

While renting a storage unit online certainly is convenient, there are still a few benefits to stopping in the rental office and talking with a property manager. If you want that added personal touch, renting your storage unit in person is the way to go. And even if you do rent online, be sure to stop in to meet your property manager when you are on the property. We are here to help you with all your storage needs!