Baby Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you’ve just welcomed a new baby into your family, congratulations! It’s an exciting time full of wonder, joy, and learning new things! One thing you’ll quickly learn is that babies require all sorts of stuff! From diapers to bibs, baby bottles, changing tables, toys, and much more, all that stuff can sometimes be overwhelming! That’s especially true if you live in a small house or apartment. To help, below, we’ve collected some of the best new baby storage ideas for small spaces. That includes baby bottle storage ideas and baby clothes storage ideas! If you’re in need of space-saving ideas for all that new baby stuff, read on!

Baby Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

  • Digitize everything. From vaccination paperwork to hospital records, birth certificates, and, of course, photos, digital is the way to go! Digital documents and images take up no space whatsoever. (Do be sure, though, to store them somewhere safe.)
  • Purchase multi-functional furniture. Furniture that can adapt and grow as your baby grows is best. It takes up less space (in most cases), and you can use it much longer than traditional furniture. TrendHunter has a bunch of them for inspiration!
  • Designate one location for diaper changing and supplies. You’ll be a diaper-changing master soon, no doubt. Keeping everything in one spot will make this often aromatic task much more manageable.
  • Rent a storage unit from Moove In. It’s an affordable, convenient and clean way to free up space at home. You can also store things as your baby grows and keep your storage unit well organized. That way, finding the right size to give to friends and family who have children will be much faster. (It’s the best way to recycle baby clothes!)
Baby Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

Depending on your baby and their needs, you’ll likely have a slew of bottles to help at feeding time. Below are a few ideas to help you with baby bottle storage ideas in a small home:

  • Purchase a 3-tier cart to store everything in a handy spot. With wheels, you can move it around with ease. Target has one that’s perfect for the task.
  • Wal-Mart carries plastic, 3-drawer storage containers that are inexpensive and lightweight. They’re excellent for bottles and all sorts of other baby supplies!
  • Looking for a DIY baby bottle storage idea? This one we spotted on Buzzfeed is fantastic! (That’s some new-parent ingenuity right there!)
Baby Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Baby Clothing Storage Ideas

As you’ll soon find out, a new baby needs a lot of clothes! They also go through them quickly as they grow, making the need for storage painfully obvious! The tips and links below should help!

  • At the Container Store, you’ll find a variety of decorative storage bins. They look beautiful and will keep baby’s clothes well organized and easy to find.
  • Holiday ornament bins are a great way to store baby clothes as they’re so tiny. Our favorite holiday ornament bin is from DIYCraftsy.
  • An over-the-door shoe organizer is amazingly functional as a baby clothes storage device! Home Depot has one that’s see-through to make finding something more accessible.
  • Donate your baby’s old clothes. Here’s the thing; you can’t keep all of your new baby’s clothes. Trust us, pretty soon you’ll have so much your house or apartment will pop! That’s why donating baby clothes to charity is a great idea. You’ll have more space, and another bouncing baby will get the pleasure of wearing them! Here’s a link** to the best organizations that accept baby clothing donations.
  • If you genuinely want to keep all of your baby’s clothes, a storage unit is your best option. Your tiny house or apartment won’t get completely full, they’ll be safe, and it’s really convenient. You can organize everything well, also, if you want to find things later.
Baby Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Baby Food Storage Containers

One item you’ll need to buy when thinking about baby storage ideas is food storage. Heavy-ish and bulky, storing baby food in a small house can be a challenge. Below are a few links to help you do it right and save space.

Best of Luck With your New Baby!

The entire Moove In family wishes you the very best of luck, love, and joy with your baby storage ideas. If you need help with storage for their things (or yours), we’re here to help. Moove In offers clean, safe, and secure storage units around the tri-state area, particularly Pennsylvania. Storing baby clothes, furniture, and accessories are convenient and affordable with us! If you have questions, chat with us online anytime. Or, visit your local Moove In facility and say hello to the on-site manager! They can answer your questions, show you some small storage units and get the process started!

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This post was originally written on 10/21/17. It was updated on 9/7/21