Are All Moving Boxes Created Equal?

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You’ve settled on the perfect self storage unit for your needs, signed the lease and purchased your disc lock. Now it’s time to start packing up all the extra stuff in your attic, basement or garage. Should you talk to the local grocery clerk or call around to department stores asking for leftover boxes from the back? Or, should you purchase the brand new moving boxes you saw at our rental office?

Although free boxes can be very appealing (I mean come on, they’re free!), they aren’t the best choice when packing things away for storage. You may end up keeping those boxes in your self storage unit for many months or years at a time – even if you think you will only be using storage for a couple months. You’d be surprised how quickly time flies and how beneficial your self storage unit becomes. You could very well end up keeping it for a lot longer than anticipated.

Moving boxes you collect from stores are built for short-term use. They may seem sturdy and dependable, but they have been designed to transport goods from one place to another over a very short period of time; then be discarded quickly. Think about how easy they are to break down and flatten. It takes only seconds to reduce them to mere cardboard. They are often much more flimsy than they appear, and won’t stand up to the test of time. You also need to remember that store employees aren’t worried about keeping the boxes in good shape. They will open them – often times using a box cutter and slicing right though the box. Then they empty them, crush them and flatten them immediately for disposal. Food, grease, oils and who knows what else may also have been spilled on them.

There are many advantages when purchasing specialized moving boxes from the retail shop located inside our rental offices:

Moving Boxes Designed Specifically for the Self Storage Industry.

  • Moving Kit BoxesThey are made of superior materials and high-quality liner board that will stand up over extended periods of time.
  • They are treated to prevent mildew and mold from growing and boast specialized glue to improve durability in high humidity situations.
  • The edges are crush-tested; meaning they can be stacked up for several months without sagging.

Convenient Retail Shop in Our Rental Offices.

  • Variety of BoxesYou can get all the moving boxes you need in our retail shops. No need to run from store to store trying to find enough boxes and different sized boxes. Only need one or two extra-large boxes? Need lots of small boxes for your extensive movie collection? We’ve got you covered. With our large inventory of boxes, you can find exactly what you need to keep your belongings safe and secure, all in one place.
  • We have moving boxes of all sizes for you to choose from. Extra-large boxes are great for quilts, pillows, shoes or your Tupperware collection. Large boxes work well for clothes, holiday decorations and kitchen gadgets. Towels, linens or photo albums are a good fit for our Medium boxes. And Small boxes are perfect for DVDs, video games and books – the items that can make a box very heavy if you pack them away in a box that’s too big.
  • We also stock moving boxes specifically designed for particular items. You can purchase a dish saver kit that is designed with molded inserts to protect your dishes and glasses during the move. We have boxes made for your framed artwork, pictures and mirrors. We even have wardrobe boxes so you can hang up clothing to prevent damage and creases…you can literally leave your clothes right on the hangers!
  • By purchasing your boxes from us, there are no worries of having 20 different box sizes that are hard to stack and take up awkward spaces. Storing in uniform box sizes keeps everything evenly stacked and maximizes the available space within your self storage unit.

We Have It All – Not Just Boxes!

  • Our retail shop is well stocked with everything you need to make packing, moving and storing as easy as possible for you.
  • In addition to not having to call all around looking for boxes, you also won’t have to visit four different office and department stores looking for the other moving and storing essentials. Packing paper, tape and dispensers, markers and boxes to bubble wrap, locks, furniture covers and DampRid – we have everything to help you pack, move and store your belongings. Everything is all right here at your fingertips, often at better prices than other retail stores.Packing and Moving Supplies

Knowledgeable Property Manager – Here to Help You.

  • Our on-site property managers are more than happy to help you figure out how many boxes and what sizes you will need. That task itself can be almost as stressful as the move! Most people don’t even think about how many boxes are necessary, and are often scrambling around trying to find enough boxes in the middle of the packing frenzy. We also offer a handy box calculator to help you decide how many boxes will work best for your needs.
  • We can help you with much more than simply finding boxes. Our property managers are self storage specialists, properly trained to help you with all of your moving and storage needs. They can help you find the right self storage unit size and type to best suit what you want to put into storage. They can help you decide which moving and packing supplies from our retail shop are best suited for your needs. They can even help you set up an online account to make payments and manage your account. Our property managers are also willing to give you advice and tips on packing your items, preparing for moving day and making the best out of your self storage experience.

Remember, all boxes are not created equal! If you want to protect your items from damage while in your self storage unit, you should choose wisely and consider purchasing our specialized boxes. We are your one-stop shop for all packing, moving and storing supplies. And, our friendly property managers are here to help you. Stop by one of our facilities today and check out everything we have to offer. If you have questions you can contact us at any time. And, don’t forget to print out the 15-20% Off Coupon on all retail items!

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