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Will I Have Access To My Storage Unit During Bad Weather?

One big question many customers have once the good old winter months set in is, “Will I have access to my storage unit during inclement weather?” The answer to this question is simple; your access will never be cut off due to inclement weather. Plus, we maintain our properties as much as possible when that white fluffy stuff sets in.

When we have a snowstorm forecast for our area, we plan ahead and have plowing lined up with an outside vendor. Any time it snows over three inches, we plow the properties. However, we do not typically begin plowing until the snow has settled down or stopped completely. Our vendors have other higher priority customers, like schools and hospitals, which will always take precedence (and for good reason). Plowing will begin within 48 hours of the snow ending, and most times it will begin the same day or next day.

We plow all drive aisles and entryways at the property, getting as close to the storage units as possible to make it convenient for you. Please keep in mind that your storage unit door may need to be shoveled out a little to gain better access during massive amounts of snow. If the snow was minimal, plowing will be all that is necessary for you to reach your storage unit. Bringing a shovel along with you when it is snowing is not a bad idea though, just in case.

If you need to or plan to access your storage unit in the midst of a snowstorm, please be careful! Because we do not start plowing until the snow stops, the pavement could be slippery and maybe even a little icy. And your vehicle could get stuck if you drive through snow that is too high. We spread salt onto any areas of ice in front of building doors and storage unit doors when necessary. However, it can be hard to stay on top of when we have several feet of snow and we get the melt refreeze cycle every night. And remember, salt doesn’t work well when the temps get too low, making ice difficult to remove. So any ice can be dangerous during the truly bitter cold days. It’s best to take extra care and caution when any snow or ice is on the ground to prevent slipping and falling. The last thing we want is for you to get hurt.

We also may close the rental office if the weather is too dangerous for our property manager to safely make it to work. Even when that happens, you will still have access to your storage unit. We do suggest that if you see snow in the forecast, you plan a trip to your storage unit before it starts. Doing so will keep you off the road and out of the way of plows, and will ensure you can get what you need and do it safely.

Inclement weather is certainly a nuisance to all. But, we do our very best to make sure that it will not impede your access to your storage unit and your valuables at any time. We ask for your patience when it snows and gets icy. And, if you notice an area of ice or snow that needs remedied, likely from the refreeze cycle that happens in winter, please notify your property manager so that it can be addressed. We care about your safety and want to ensure you have easy access all year.

If you are in need of storage for all the excess in your life, you can rent a storage unit online now and get organized! And, if you have any cold weather tips to share, please post them in the comments.