A Little Storage Auction Action

Ever since shows like A&E’s Storage Wars and SpikeTV’s Auction Hunters have started popping up, we get a lot of calls asking about our self storage auctions. So, what are they and can you really strike it big?

Well, here is a little background. Self storage auctions are held when someone fails to pay their rent or abandons their unit, and we auction off what was in them. Only 1-2% of all the rented storage units in the country ever go to auction.

Storage auctions can be fun and exciting, and if you are a treasure hunter with a few extra dollars, well, it can’t be beat. “We used to see maybe 5-10 people at our auctions, and now we get a much bigger crowd because of those shows. It is neat to see, because the more people that are there, the more the enthusiasm just skyrockets ” says Moove In Self Storage owner, John Gilliland.

Want a little taste of the action for yourself? Our auction schedule is posted on our Facebook page and on our blog.

Plus be sure to check out the shows that started it all:

We hope you join us!

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