12 Unique Spare Room Ideas for Your Extra Space

Have you suddenly found yourself with extra space at home? Maybe your only child moved out, went to college, or got married? (Someone might have passed, too, in which case our sincere condolences.) Whatever the case might be, if you suddenly have lots of extra space but no idea how to utilize it, read on! We’ve got some fantastic spare room ideas on how to turn that extra space into the best space in your home! (And don’t worry, we won’t tell your kid if you won’t!)

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First Thing’s First; Clear That Room Out

Your first task after one of your rooms at home is vacated is to clear it out completely. Let’s face it; you can’t turn it into your hobby room or home office if it’s full of stuff. (Unless you like looking at boy-band posters or playing with Barbie and GI Joe, of course.) Now, here’s the thing; you might not want to toss the stuff in your new spare room, at least not right away. For that, there’s our 2nd suggestion, next.

Next, Rent a Storage Unit From Moove In

If the person that moved out was your child, the things they left behind might be precious to you. (And, frankly, to them too.) Rather than toss it or give it away, rent a storage unit to store their stuff safe and sound. That way, when the day comes that they want it, you’ve still got it. (Family feud avoided!) A storage unit from Moove In is a perfect solution and affordable too.

12 Fun and Unique Ideas for Your Extra Space

Now that you’ve cleaned out our spare room and stored everything, the sky’s the limit! You can turn that space into your favorite place! Below is a slew of ideas that will give you inspiration and help you get started:

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Spare Room Ideas #1: Make $$$ on AirBnb

If you like meeting people and have an extra bathroom, renting your spare room on Airbnb is a great choice. You can make some extra money to help pay your mortgage! One caveat; it is a bit of extra work. You’ll need to clean, vacuum, and keep that room prepared at all times for new visitors.

Spare Room Ideas #2: Craft or Hobby Room

If you’re big into crafting or a hobby, turning your spare room into your favorite room is easy! You’ll have plenty of space to sew, craft, or build a Lego city! We also have ideas on how to organize and store your craft supplies on our blog.

Spare Room Ideas #3: Listening & Reading Room

Listening to classic vinyl records or reading a good book is a fantastic way to relax. It’s even better when you can do it in your own listening and reading room! By the way, if you need to store vinyl records, check this link** for suggestions to do it right.

Spare Room Idea #4: Workout Room

Staying in shape is more fun (and less stressful) if you have your own workout room! With the right equipment, you’ll stay in great shape without the need to go to a gym.

Spare Room Ideas #5: Home Office

If you’ve always wanted to work from home, now’s your chance! Turn that spare room into the office of your dreams and kick your daily commute to the curb! (This is one of our best spare room ideas!)

Spare Room Ideas #6: Art Studio

If you’re a budding artist (or an experienced one), turning your extra space into an art studio is perfect. One suggestion; put something down on the floor to catch paint spills or loose clay!

Spare Room Ideas #7: Grow an Indoor Garden

Herbs, spices, and plants love the indoors, and you’ll love the aromas if you create an indoor garden! If you dedicate a whole room to your plants, you can control the temperature and how much sun they get. Not to mention, having a dedicated plant room protects them from kids and pets!

Spare Room Ideas #8: Pet Palace

Say goodbye to kennels! You don’t have to build a $5,000 dog apartment in your closet as one man did for his golden retriever. But you can please your pooch, pincer, or Pekingese with a pet palace that’s fit for a king!

Spare Room Ideas #9: Game Room

Your other kids will love you even more if you turn that spare room into a play or game room! Plus, the entire family will have fun together!

Spare Room Ideas #10: Gigantic Walk-in Closet

There’s nothing better than walking into a massive closet, especially if you’re a clothes maven! You can grow your sneaker collection, for example, or get a stand-up mirror! Ahhh, the extra space…

Spare Room Ideas #11: Party & Bar Area

Entertaining is more fun when you turn that spare space into a party place! A mini-fridge, big-screen TV and some neon lights and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Spare Room Ideas #12: Home Theatre

Love watching movies and bingeing TV shows? Turn your spare room into a Home Theatre and make every night a date night! Try using a projector instead of a normal TV! It’s one of the coolest extra room ideas we know!

Make Sure To Start With Storage

Here at Moove In Self Storage, we’re happy to help make your spare room dreams a reality. They all start when that spare room’s empty, of course. (And everything’s in one of our safe, clean and affordable storage units.) Moove In has storage facilities in Pennsylvania and around the tri-state metro area! To find out more, chat online with one of our friendly managers. They’ll give you all the details to help you store your stuff and repurpose that space just the way you want it! Until then, best of luck deciding how to turn your spare room into your favorite spot in the house!

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We originally published this post on 3/29/2018. We updated it on 8/30/2021.