10 Things Not Allowed in Storage Units

Self-storage is all about convenience and freeing up space. However, the items below, are not allowed in storage units no matter how convenient! Now, we won’t go into all the sketchy things people have stored in storage units, but we will let you know common items that you can’t keep in storage. If you finish this and realize you need storage, Moove In Self Storage has you covered. Just give us a call or talk to us online, we’re happy to answer any storage-related questions you may have!

1: Flammable Materials are Not Allowed in Storage Units

Don’t store anything that can easily catch fire. That includes gasoline, kerosene, chemicals, fireworks, and several others, including moonshine. If there was ever a perfect example of what not to put in storage, it’s flammable and combustible things.

10 Things Not Allowed in Storage Units

2: Anything Illegal is Not Allowed in Storage Units

Rule of thumb: If it’s illegal, don’t store it in a storage unit. That included firearms and ammunition, military-grade weapons, and illicit drugs of any kind. If the police would arrest you for possessing it, please don’t put it into a storage unit.

3: Anything Perishable Is Not Allowed in Storage Units

Storage companies will prohibit the storing of living things of any kind, including plants. We also do not allow perishable items are as they can go bad, rot and, even worse, attract vermins and insects. If you’re moving and have plants, the best suggestion is to give them away to friends and family.

4: Speaking of Perishable, Don’t Store ANY Food

Don’t ever store food in a storage unit. Mice and pests have an advanced sense of smell. That means, even if it’s only a tiny amount, they will smell any food stored in your storage unit. That’s why we ask our tenants to never keep food in storage. If you have food in your storage unit, remove it ASAP. That goes for pet food or even dry foods.

10 Things Not Allowed in Storage Units

5: Don’t Keep Wet/Damp Items in Storage Units

Wet and even slightly damp things can get moldy and cause all sorts of problems in a storage unit. Depending on how long you need to store your things, the mold a wet or damp item can cause is substantial. That’s why you should make sure everything you put in storage is completely dry.

6: Animals of Any Kind Should Not Be In Storage Units

It’s never, ever OK to put a live animal into a storage unit. There are no windows, air circulation, and light, which we think you’ll agree is not conducive to healthy living. Plus, animals create bodily waste, and that’s the last thing you want in your storage unit. What not to put in storage? Living animals.

7: Uninsured Vehicles or Vehicles That Aren’t Operational

If you want to store a boat, truck, motorcycle, or RV in a storage facility, you need to make sure to insure them. That even goes for trailers, which must have fully functional tires. The reason why is simply that it’s unsafe. When you rent a storage unit, the on-site manager will ask for proof of registration, insurance, and license.

10 Things Not Allowed in Storage Units

8: You or Your Loved Ones are Not Allowed in Storage

Just like animals, we don’t allow people in our storage units long-term. In most states, it’s also illegal. Remember, we have 24/7 security cameras to make sure all of our customers’ things are secure. If you’re hiding out from the cops, those cameras will see you! If there was ever one thing that defines “what not to put in storage,” it’s a person.

9: Don’t Keep Toxic or Corrosive Materials in Storage Units

If, for some reason, you have toxic or corrosive materials, please don’t store them in a storage unit. That includes fertilizers, chemicals, chlorine bleach, acetone, turpentine, and paint thinner, among others. The same thing goes for anything poisonous or contagious.

10: Sentimental Items are Not Allowed in Storage Units

If you have something that, in your heart, is priceless, storing it in a storage unit is risky. Sure, your storage company will do everything to prevent pests, insects, and even mold. Burglaries? Our 24/7 security and on-site managers prevent them from happening. But, even with those preventative measures in place, damage to items can happen. That’s why we recommend never storing sentimental items that are dear to your heart.

10 Things Not Allowed in Storage Units

It’s important to remember that this list is just an overview. If you think something may not be right to keep in your storage unit, your first instinct is likely correct. But, when in doubt just ask your property manager. We are here to assist our tenants and customers, and answer every question about self-storage that can come up!

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Original post date: January 23, 2020. Updated on: August 12, 2021