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Tiffany O'Neill

tiffany o'neill, relief manager

Relief Manager
York, PA & Maryland Stores

Professional Experience

Experience: Nursing and Hand Dyeing Yarn
College/Trade School & Degrees: Partial College for RN

My Favorite...

3 Movies of All Time: P.S I Love You, The Hangover and Any classic Disney movie
Hobby: Workouts, Savage Races
Holiday: Halloween
Pro Sports Team: Dallas Cowboys
Song: Can’t pick one! I love all music!

My First...

Job: Bricker’s French Fries
Car: 1984 Ford Thunderbird
Concert: Britney Spears/O-Town

This or That?

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cookie or Donut: Cookie
Hot Dog or Hamburger: Cheeseburger
Ocean or Lake: Ocean

If I Could...

Be any Superhero, I Would Be… Wonder Woman
Live Anywhere in the World, I Would Live… anywhere warm and sunny.

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

I love working for a company that truly values each and every employee who works for them. Knowing we are genuinely cared for is such a great feeling.