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Thomas Lawrence

Propery Manager

North Liberty, IA

Professional Experience

Experience: Spa Manager, Car Auction Account Manager, Fed Ex Delivery Driver

My Favorite...

3 Movies of All Time: Goodfellas (Scorcese), Step Brothers, Eyes Wide Shut, Batman series
Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas
Pro Sports Team: NFL: 49ers and Arizona Cardinals. NBA: Pheonix Suns. MLB: Chicago Cubs. But most importantly Iowa Hawkeyes (because Iowa doesnt have a pro team)

My First...

Job: Pizza Hut
Car: Honda Accord

This or That?

Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Donut or Cookie: Cookie 100X. Chocolate chip or Monster
Winter or Summer: Summer. Definitely, unless it is Winter in Arizona

If I Could...

Be any animal, I would be… This is hard to pick only ONE! I would pick an Eagle or a middle/upper class subruban house dog. Or honestly any of the cool jungle cats like a Jaguar, Lion, Tiger... Or maybe even an Elephant. Dophins always seem to be having a good time too!