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Polly Irion

polly irion

Operations Facility Trainer
Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA
Prestige Lane, Lancaster, PA

Professional Experience

Experience: Management at Willow Valley Retirement Communities
Professional Associations: Willow Valley Retirement Communities
Certifications & Awards: CSSM – Certified Self Storage Manager, 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award, 2015 Conversion Achievement Award, 2016 Insurance Penetration Award, 2017 Video Testimonials Award, 2017 Facebook/Yelp Reviews Award, 2017 Revenue Effectiveness Award, 2017 Manager of the Year
College/Trade School & Degrees: in progress

My Favorite …

3 Movies of All Time: I’m cheating a little here because my favorites are part of trilogies, but Star Wars (the originals), Lord of the Rings, and Spaceballs
Childhood Memory: My equestrian lessons: The smell of hay, leather and a horse’s clean coat, the thrill of the ride and the trust built between rider and horse as well as the learning
High School Class: AP Literature/AP Biology
TV Series: The Big Bang Theory, and just about anything on the Discovery Channel

My First …

Job: Candle maker at the family business
Concert: Reliant K

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Donut
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Summer or Winter: Summer

If I Could …

Be any animal, I would be… a falcon.
Be any superhero, I would be… Batman. Not because I want to be a guy or anything, but because Batman is AWESOME!

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

Compared to my previous job experience, Moove In is a small company. No two people at this company are strangers to one another, so we are able to sustain a friendly, cooperative environment because of that. This company sets stimulating goals and incentives for the day to day operations, as well as presents and encourages opportunities for learning and personal growth.