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Melissa Jeffries

Property Manager
Verona, PA

Professional Experience

Experience: Residential real-estate background with mainly experience in managing apartment communities

My Favorite...

3 Movies: Dirty Dancing, 5th Element, Twister
Food: Pasta
High School Class: Math
TV Series: Law & Order: SVU

My First...

Job... Cold Chef in a restuartant

Concert... Nsync

This or That?

Donut or Cookie: Donut
Coffee or Tea: If hot, Coffee & if cold, tea
Summer or Winter: Summerer

If I Could...

Be any Animal, I Would Be… Monkey
Superhero… Ironman (or Ironwomam)

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

I am a fan of the office work and enjoy meeting new people. This is the best of both worlds!