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Katie Showalter

Property Manager
Douglassville, PA

Professional Experience

Experience: I have my Bachelors in Psychology from Kutztown University and worked in the social service field for many years. I also have previous HR experience (mostly in the line of recruiting and credentialing physical and behavioral health providers) I later changed career paths to real estate and received my PA license in 2015 and began managing properties in 2017.

My Favorite …

3 Movies of All Time: I enjoy watching comedies and dramas, no horror films for me.
Favorite high school class: Not a fan of any particular class in HS
TV Series: There are too many to mention! 

My …

Job: cashier at a local grocery store
Car:I have never been to a concert

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Neither-probably cake or ice cream would be my dessert of choice 
Coffee or Tea: I drink both coffee and tea depending on the time of day
Summer or Winter: I enjoy all seasons

If I Could …

Be any animal, I would be… Growing up I was obsessed with horses so I guess a horse but I like all animals and currently volunteer for a non-profit dog rescue.