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Jay Goodreau

Property Manager

Southampton, MA

Professional Experience

Experience: I formally was a director for Mutt Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue, and I served as a manager for Mutt Cuts, a dog groomer and dog daycare. I am a certified dog trainer and CPR dog certified. I was also a mutli-unit manager for Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video of Western Massachusetts for 14 locations. Before that I was store manager for Circuit City in which I held an A+ certification in computers.

My Favorite...

3 Movies: Iron Giant, Good Will Hunting, Halloween
Food: Rueben Sandwhich
High School Class: English Literature 
TV Series: Burn Notice

My First...

Job: Dishwasher
Concert: Pink Floyd

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Cookie
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Summer or Winter: Winter

If I Could...

Be any Animal, I Would Be… Gorilla
Super Hero… Dr. Strange

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

The family atmosphere!