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Jarrod Dippery

Property Manager

Certified Self Storage Manager

Lewistown, PA

Professional Experience

Experience: 11 years of sales and customer service experience in the hunting industry
College/Trade School & Degrees: Associates degree in specialized business: business administration, management, and marketing

My Favorite...

3 Movies of All Time: I Am Legend, IT, Book of Eli
Hobby: Ping Pong
High School Class: Math
Band/Singer: Eminem

My First...

Vacation: Beach
Job: Long John Silvers

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Cookie
Hot Dog or Hamburger: Hamburger
Ocean or Lake: Ocean

If I Could...

Be any superhero, I would be… The Hulk.
Live anywhere in the world, I would live… Outer Banks, NC

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

The friendly, teamwork driven atmosphere is great. I also enjoy the daily interactions with our customers.