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Donyae Ricardo

Relief Manager

Maryland Stores

Professional Experience

Experience: Co-Owner of a Family run Mental Health Agency (2017-Current). Residential Landlord/ Property Manager for more than 10 years. Professional DOT Driver for those with Disabilities.

My Favorite...

3 Movies: A Bronk Tale, Get Out, Spider-Man Homecoming
Food: Ackee and Saltfish
High School Class: History, English, and Health! 
TV Series: Hunter X Hunter

My First...

Job: Paper Girl
Concert: 11X9ACTS

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Cookie
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Summer or Winter: Summer

If I Could...

Be any Animal, I Would Be… A Wolf because they're team players
Be any Superhero, I would be...… Spider-Man because he's Spider-Man

Why Do You Like Working for Moove In?

I am able to create a steady work/life balance.