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Christopher Fego

Property Manager

Certified Self Storage Manager 

Stroudsburg, PA

Professional Experience

Experience: Department supervisor with Lowe's Home Improvement for more than two years, store manager with GameStop for 11 years, and property manager for over five years. 

My Favorite …

3 Movies of All Time: Goonies, Empire Strikes Back, and Logan
Holiday: I've always been a fan of cooking so Thanksgiving is my game!
Pro Sports Team: New York Giants

My First …

Job: Cleaning street sweepers in the county for DPW Garage
Car: 1984 Monte Carlo SS, total hunk of junk- but I loved it!

This or That?

Cookie or Donut: Cookies, more variety. 
Coffee or Tea: Coffee, unless I'm sick
Summer or Winter: Summer, you can do more to get cool than you can to get warm

If I Could …

Be any animal, I would be… a horse. There is somthing about when they run at full tilt that is absolutely mesmerizing.